No Limit Adventures

No Limit Adventures is a licensed Australian Inbound Tour Operator and Destination Management Company (DMC) based in Cairns. The company was established in 2008 by a couple of dedicated travelers with a passion and enthusiasm for adventure, discovering new destinations and off the beaten track holidays.

With the abundant offer of adventure and travel opportunities “in our own backyard” we started uncovering the many hidden secrets of Australia, then ventured into Papua New Guinea and other islands of the South Pacific region. With years of experience in various sectors of the tourism industry in Australia and Europe we decided to offer our experiences to people who wanted to take a journey along the road less traveled.

We are a locally owned and operated family business, with extensive tourism experience, positive energy and a good understanding of the realities of the travel industry.

We are licensed as an Inbound Tour Operator in Queensland, a member of the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) and member of the Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC).

We work closely with and are recognised by the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority (PNG TPA) as an Inbound Tour Operator and DMC for PNG and are also a long-time partner of the Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea (SAPNG) as well as the PNG Dive Association (PNG DA).

Our goal is to offer personalized holiday packages to Australia, Papua New Guinea and other regions of the Pacific for travel enthusiasts looking for off the beaten track holidays.

Traveling broadens horizons. Our goal is to organize unforgettable tours for our clients and offer unique adventures and exhilarating experiences!

Our Vision

To be an internationally recognised Inbound Tour Operator offering professional services and unique, life-changing travel experiences to Australia, Papua New Guinea and beyond.


Our clients

We strive to provide a service that is efficient and professional. Our number one priority is to create amazing travel packages that will exceed our clients’ expectations. We are always willing to take that extra step to achieve this goal. By working with us you can expect a trustworthy, professional, ethical and efficient partner and a wider network of our partners that share our key values. We are proud to say that over the years we have development special relationships with many of our clients – relationships lasting to this day.


Ethics and our Community

The places we visit offer us unique and memorable experiences, which we appreciate and respect. It is for this reason we strongly follow principles and support the development of ecotourism and sustainable tourism. We strive and take measures to limit impact on the environment and local cultures, while at the same time supporting local communities and working with local partners to create authentic, sustainable experiences. We want to ensure all interactions are positive and pleasant: to our clients, the local communities and our partners.


Our services

We are an Australian Inbound Tour Operator and DMC. We offer tailored tours and holiday packages, including weddings, honeymoons and other special events packages to Australia and Papua New Guinea. We aim to offer authentic experiences as well as a personal and flexible approach to our clients. We also provide tour guiding services, where we work with experienced and qualified tour guides who are ready to accompany you on your journey. Language barriers? We speak English, Polish, Russian and German.

Important stuff

Legal Disclaimer

Each participant must sign a legal liability disclaimer at the of the tour/ trip. (link)

Terms & Conditions

Please read our general terms and conditions document carefully explaining the various procedures regarding refunds, dispute resolution policies and more. Acceptance of these terms is confirmed by payment of your invoice. Our Terms & Conditions are noted in each itinerary and may vary to the general Terms & Conditions. 


All tour inclusions, payment terms and cancellation policies are stipulated and pointed out in provided quotes and travel plans. Any optional activities are not included in the overall price. Quotes are subject to change at any time until receipt of deposit after which the agreed price becomes fixed.


Cultural differences

We ask you respect and abide by local laws and customs while visiting tribes, indigenous reserves or sacred sites and while viewing rituals.



Accommodation standards are described in provided itineraries according to initial arrangements and initial consultation. Keep in mind that local accommodation standards, classified at a certain star rating, may vary to that of the same star rating in another country. While traveling through remote areas, especially in Papua New Guinea, be aware that accommodation may be provided by local villages. Conditions are safe, but basic i.e. traditional huts, no septic toilet systems, no running water etc. – an adventure!



During your trip we want you to see everything planned and more. However delays and in some cases a change in the schedule may occur caused by the changing moods of Mother Nature and other unforeseeable situations such as political unrest, tribal war, Force Majeure etc. Should such a situation arise all measures will be taken to arrange an alternative to fill the disrupted part of the tour, however No Limit Adventures cannot be held liable in any such case.


Tropical Diseases

We advise travelers going to Papua New Guinea and/ or other remote areas in the Pacific to get preventive medicine for malaria. Additionally, we ask that all participants carry any personal medicine required due to any ongoing personal illness e.g. Asthma, Allergies, Diabetes etc. Your health is your responsibility.



When planning your trip we keep in mind your comfort therefore we recommend the best times of the year for traveling to certain destinations.


Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is every traveler’s personal obligation. Each traveler must have a fully comprehensive personal travel insuance policy covering you for medical emergencies, evacuations, disruptions in your trip, missed flights or other transport, lost or stolen luggage and personal items.

Our Partners