May 2018

Wet Tropics, Cairns Day tours, Cape Tribulation

We live in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia! Welcome to the Wet Tropics in Far North Queensland… Read more

December 2017

Surfing Vanimo, surfing Papua New Guinea

We recently kicked off the Papua New Guinea surf season in Vanimo with our first group from Australia… Read more


September 2017

surfing Kavieng
Surfing in Kavieng, PNG

How do you sum up a PNG surf trip? Great waves, no crowds, awesome fun! Ready to join us on our next surf adventure in Papua New Guinea? Read more.

June 2017

Australia Adventure Tours
Australia Adventure Tours 

Kakadu National Park and the Whitsunday Islands – a must-see when traveling through Australia. Read more about our recent small group adventure… small group tours Australia, australia group tours

December 2016

Surfing Papua New Guinea
Surfing in Papua New Guinea

Great waves, no crowds! This is surfing in Papua New Guinea. Read about our season-opening surf trip to PNG… Read more.

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October 2016

Rabaul adventure tour
Experience a Rabaul Adventure Tour 

Rabaul is the place for you if you are looking for a short or longer getaway – find out what’s on offer. Read moreTravel Papua New Guinea


September 2016

Fitzroy Island, Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, marine conservation volunteer
Visit the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre on our Marine Conservation Program

As Part of our Marine Conservation Program we spend a day at the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. Watch the video and find out more! Read More


August 2016

Green Turtle Great Barrier Reef Blog
Green Turtle Data Collection on the Great Barrier Reef

We Love Turtles! Find out more about these popular marine creatures and what you can do to help save them. Read More


July 2016

png cultural festivals with nolimit adventures
Experience the cultural diversity of Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea Cultural Festivals

If you are traveling to Papua New Guinea in August a must-see is the annual Cultural Festival in Mount Hagen. Read more


July 2016

surf PNG, surfing in Papua New Guinea, uncrowded waves in PNG, surf on a splinter in Papua, where can I surf in PNG?
One of the best places to surf in PNG. Yakos left in Vanimo.

It is called surfing’s last frontier and for a reason. Papua New Guinea offers surfers guaranteed uncrowded waves thanks to the surf management plan implemented by the PNG Surfing Read more

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