Discover Papua New Guinea off the beaten track…

Uncommon, enticing, unearthly, Papua New Guinea captivates our senses from the first glance. Those who are fortunate enough to experience this fantastic, positively wild country call it The Land of the Unexpected. Visitors open themselves to unique impressions that will touch their heart, lift their spirit and permeate their being.

There are not many places left in the world untouched by civilization, pristine and intact, where people still follow their ancestors’ tradition, enchant with their rich and diverse culture, beliefs, strength and spontaneity. In almost unchanged subtleties of nature. Discover Papua New Guinea off the beaten track…

Explore the Core

Explore the Core is an off-the-beaten track PNG adventure tour taking you into remote areas of Papua New Guinea few tourists have been to. This trip is raw and for people wanting to discover the core of a country, its culture and being. See places where the local people have had very little contact with outside visitors. These encounters require openness, tolerance and patience.

On our PNG adventure tour you travel to Bougainville the island of dreams and unforgettable experiences. Due to civil unrest tours to Bougainville were not possible and the island was closed to visitors for many years. The situation has become settled and nowadays the island is slowly opening to tourism, however still remains one of the last uncharted and pristine frontiers on earth. It boasts rare, exotic flora and fauna, untouched jungles and pristine beaches, rugged mountains and picturesque lakes, active volcanoes, rare species of exotic birds, traditional village life in the mountains and on the coast, trekking, rich culture and tradition, opportunity to witness and share cultural activities and performances, experience all aspects of village life.

After Bougainville travel to Simbai, hidden in the mountains of the Madang Province. Populated by the Kalam People, Simbai is very remote and accessible only by small plane. Characteristic for the Kalam People is their distinctive dialect and cultural traditions. They continue their life style based on the hunters-gatherers tradition. They still practice the ceremonies of boys’ initiations, bride price payment or tribal dispute settlement. The young men are famous for their impressive headpieces, the biggest in Papua New Guinea, decorated with green beetle collected in the forest.

Discover Bougainville and Simbai on our PNG adventure tour and explore the core of the country. Travel off the beaten track through Papua New Guinea and experience the culture, various traditions, meet the local people, eat their food – simple, organic and tasty, see the landscapes, local markets, village life and partake in many other exciting activities.

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