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Custom food, wine, spirit & beer tasting tours across Australia. We love delicious food, great wine and cold beer, especially locally produced.

The food & wine culture has made a huge leap in the past 20 or so years in Australia. It has also become an important part of everyday life as well as a very popular tourist draw card.

Australia’s wines are some of the best in the world. The very famous regions of the Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley, Margaret River have a long standing wine making tradition and many new boutique wineries are popping up around the country offering amazing wine tasting experiences.

Beer, this very popular beverage has also come a long way from the “standard frothy” with many boutique craft breweries around the country offering a great variety of local craft beers.


Modern Australian cuisine is characterised by fusion of many different culinary elements from around the world. With the fabulous fresh produce available chefs create a great variety of innovative and healthy dishes.

All this opens up new tourism opportunities for travelers looking for this type of experience. Discover great food, wine and beer tastings, brewery tours and other local produce on the foodie trail across Australia.

We love good food, good wine and cold beer. If you are looking for a tasting experience talk to us about custom made food, wine & beer tours in Australia.

Native fruits, locally produced spirits, craft beers, cheese and coffee.

North Queensland Tasting Tours

Follow the foodie trail in North Queensland. This beautiful lush region has its own unique character and thus offers unforgettable tasting experiences. Explore the tastes of Cairns and surrounds as you explore tropical fruit farms, dairy farms, coffee plantations, wineries, craft beer breweries, distilleries and more.

Our brand Cairns Tasting Tours offers private custom food and drink tours out of Cairns. Discover North Queensland and taste tropical fruits, local wines, award-winning spirits, craft beers and more.


Small group, exclusive foodie tours in Cairns and the surrounding region. Native fruits, Tablelands coffee, organic dairy produce, small-batch spirits, tropical fruit wines, craft beers and more…



Cairns Brewery Tour

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