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Make a difference and become a marine conservation volunteer on the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns

We are happy to announce the relaunch of our new-and-improved Marine Conservation in 2016. The program has seen a few changes implemented, all of which have now made the itinerary an even more fulfilling experience for volunteers.

The most important change sees us teaming up on a permanent basis with Passions of Paradise, a leading scuba diving and outer reef operator in Cairns with a high commitment to environmental sustainability. Passions’ culture on environmental sustainability is in line with the main focus of the program and the whole team shows the kind of dedication to making a difference that brings a great amount of added value to the program. The program continues to be supported by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks Authority and is now also working closer with the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre on Fitzroy Island.

Our Marine Conservation Program has been developed to allow people with little to moderate reef experience to be involved in the marine conservation effort.  Assisting us with an established GBRMPA monitoring program called “Eye on the Reef – Rapid Monitoring” volunteers’ efforts will help a dedicated team of Marine Biologists and other industry professionals in monitoring long term coral health on the Great Barrier Reef.

This year we have had the pleasure of hosting a number of groups, all of which left with great satisfaction and a sense of achievement. One participant even decided to pursue her studies in marine conservation after being inspired while taking part in the program.

Become part of our dedicated network of partners and make a genuine contribution to marine conservation and care for the Great Barrier Reef. Our efforts make a difference for future generations.