07 – 12 JUNE 2019
$ 2350 person

  • Our Bali Mindfulness Retreat is designed to guide an absolute beginner, step-by-step into the practice. The approach being unique and life-applicable will also help broaden the foundations of the experienced practitioner, systematically unfolding for both the multitude of benefits from Mindfulness practice.
  • During the Bali Mindfulness Retreat a variety of approaches will be explored to provide an opportunity to gain an experiential understanding of the concepts and the applications of Mindfulness. Through dedicated practice and discussion, each individual will be lead to discover their own unique key that unlocks the tranquil state of Mindfulness for them. The retreat aims to facilitate a rich meditative experience while imparting the skills and techniques for participants to be able to continue deepening this experience from home so that Mindfulness becomes a way of living to better navigate the dynamic requirements of modern life.
  • The whole course has been a real gift. A lovely unwrapping of a present of calm and ease and awareness. All the more wonderful for knowing that this gift is inside me and accessible to incorporate into all aspects of my life. Thank you for introducing me to this throughout the course.” Fiona


Mindfulness is perhaps most commonly defined as the intentional placement of attention without judgement or reaction. It is a specific way of applying the mind – utilising awareness and attitude alone, yet through the mind, it attenuates the entire being. Mindfulness has been proven to be able to improve physical and mental health outcomes, increase physical and mental performance while enhancing our relationships and overall quality of life – all from simply connecting with present
moment experience!
While Mindfulness may seem new and catchy, the application of attention is neither new nor abstract. A number of contemplative traditions such as Buddhism and Yoga have been applying Mindfulness techniques for millennia. The difference now is that we have the science to study and prove the mechanics and efficacy of it. Even without coming across these modalities, the capacity for awareness is already a faculty that everyone possesses and therefore need not worry about ‘not being able to meditate’. To be able to read and process this paragraph proves it! Like muscle though, it withers and loses functionality without exercise and just as with muscle, building it up will require practice and patience.
Finding the right key to unlock the experience of mindfulness for each individual is equatable to being able to target the right muscle and then it becomes a matter of consistency before the benefits are felt.