PNG Highlands Adventure

Papua New Guinea is the land of more than 200 identified cultures and over 800 languages and cannot be compared to any other country. Travel with us and get a taste of the cultural diversity on one of our Papua New Guinea Cultural Tours.

The Papua New Guinea cultures are being impacted by modernization, but thankfully the majority of people still live in small villages in very traditional conditions, dependent on farming and upholding their customs associated with special events like marriage, death and the like. When traveling through the country the Papua New Guinea culture becomes evident.

PNG Highlands Adventure

Witness and experience the local culture firsthand on our Papua New Guinea Cultural Tours.

Each year tribes from all over the country gather and showcase their traditional dress, song and dance to visitors lucky enough to attend one of the PNG Cultural Festivals. There are a number of PNG cultural festivals held around the country, with the most notable being the Mt. Hagen Show and the Goroka Show. Both are held every August and September respectively and attract both a local audience as well as tourists. Other PNG cultural festivals include the Crocodile Festival in the Sepik Region, the Mask Festival in New Britain and the Canoe Festival in the Milne Bay Province.

PNG Highlands Adventure

Seeing the local variations of costumes, rituals and dance at any of the cultural festivals in Papua New Guinea is an unforgettable experience and a must if you are visiting Papua New Guinea.

There is no such thing as a typical Papua New Guinean.


Come experience the cultural diversity for yourself on our tailored Papua New Guinea Cultural Tours.


Join us during the annual Goroka Show and Kalam Festival held in September. Check out the itinerary here.



Mask Festival, East New Britain (July)

Crocodile Festival, Sepik Region (August)

Mt. Hagen Show, Western Highlands (August)

Goroka Show, Eastern Highlands (September)

Kalam Festival, Simbai (September)

Canoe Festival, Milne Bay (November)

Experience the Papua New Guinea Cultural Festivals.

Looking to travel in a small group?

Join us during our annual Mount Hagen Show or Goroka Show and Kalam Festival small group tours.

Goroka Show Tour

Mount Hagen Show Tour