Epic waves and beach clean-ups in PNG with Parley for the Oceans

Our last Papua New Guinea surfing trip was one of the best ever – great crew, amazing weather and some of the best conditions we’ve had in a long time! PNG welcomed us with beautiful weather and a forecast for building swell. Day one was around the 2 foot mark, with one of the right handers in Kavieng providing cruisy waves for everyone to find their groove. Over the week the swell gradually built and by our fourth day the waves were pumping at around 6 foot. Another great spot in the region, a left-hander, absolutely switched on, with glassy, off-shore perfection spoiling our group for 3 days. The boys all caught some of their best waves ever… some also got a few memorable hammerings. The best part of the trip was we did not see anyone else the whole week. Once of the reasons you come on a PNG surf trip

On a side note, we were fortunate to be over in Papua New Guinea with a group of environmentally aware and dedicated people. On a particularly windy afternoon at the start of the week we all decided to sit out our second surf session instead opting to clean one of the uninhabited islands in the region. Although it does not seem like a lot, we collected over 19kg of rubbish in just 60 minutes for an organisation called Parley for the Oceans. Parley is dedicated to educating and addressing the fast-growing, complex and global issue of marine plastic pollution.

We are happy to say we have recently started working together with a focus on Papua New Guinea, to focus on community and corporate education to avoid using single-use plastics, and on marine debris interception by removing washed up rubbish from beaches, mangroves, rivers and creeks. Our aim is to create awareness in the country and together strive to uphold the natural beauty of the destination. One of the highlights of the trip (apart from the waves) was a completely unexpected turtle hatching while we were doing the clean-up, then witnessing another hatching at the resort we were staying at. Overall an amazing way to end the day, with a great bunch of people.

Check out the video from our clean up below.