Shamanism Australia

Australian Shamanic Walkabout, September 2019

We invite you on a journey to the seat of the Earth Dreaming, one of the most powerful energetic vortices on the planet, The Red Centre of Australia. This sacred place holds important information about our individual contract with this planet as well as the understanding of our wider human purpose.

In preparation for this pilgrimage we will journey through The Medicine Wheel and the four elements of Air, Fire, Earth and Water. We will also undergo the initiation into our own crystal skull to connect to the crystalline grid of this planet.  

The background for these activities and ceremonies will be the ancient rainforest of the Daintree and Cairns Highlands aka Tablelands.

From the tropical Far North Queensland we will journey into the red vastness of the Australian desert. Through the sacred energies of Kings Canyon and most importantly Uluru we will spiral down into the inner secrets of this planetary grid.

Worlds inside this world 

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