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Australia, the land Down Under, is the driest and smallest continent in the World. Diverse and intriguing – from uninhabited outback and desert to lush tropics to modern cities, all surrounded by magnificent coastline. From the picturesque setting of Sydney, with the World-famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge, along the Great Ocean Road to the Twelve Apostles, through to the culture and lifestyle of Byron Bay, the nightlife of the Gold Coast, the tranquility of Uluru and Kata Tjuta to the wonder of the tropical north – Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef and oldest rainforest in the world this vast country has something to offer for everyone. Whether you are a surfer, diver, adventurer, party animal or a shopping fanatic – you’ll find what you are looking for.

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Papua New Guinea (PNG), referred to as The Land of the Unexpected is located just 160km to the north-east of Australia, the land Down Under, and lies just south of the equator. A country diversified and picturesque is made up of a wealth of dense tropical rainforest, highlands, long rivers, tropical islands and white sandy coastline. Papua New Guinea’s 20 provinces are home to 7 million inhabitants, many local cultures and over 800 local languages with the main one being Pidgin, spoken throughout PNG. Papuans still keep their old and various traditions alive by doing rituals celebrating births, deaths, marriages and other initiations. Travelers to PNG can experience the local variations of costumes, rituals and dance at a number of sing-sings. Seeing the annual cultural festivals is highly recommended with the most famous being the Goroka and Mount Hagen shows in the rugged Highlands. PNG offers such a variety of activities travelers with completely opposite scopes of interest will be satisfied. There is plenty on offer such as trekking, fishing, relaxing at some of the eco-lodges and island resorts, diving amongst the coral reefs and WWII wrecks, cruising the Sepik River and surfing and kite surfing the many spots on offer. Come experience the many adventures for yourself!


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Bula (hello) in Fiji.

This archipelago comprising of 332 islands is known for its stunning beaches, tropical climate and relaxed island atmosphere. The best time of year to travel to Fiji is between April and November, during the dry season, with temperatures averaging 28°c. Activities on offer in Fiji are plentiful from world class surf spots, kite surfing, diving, snorkeling, sand boarding, beachcombing or simply relaxing on the beach.


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Welcome to the Land of The Long White Cloud, named so by the Polynesian sailors who arrived at the shores between the years 800 – 1300, home of the flightless Kiwi Bird and the magnificent Maori culture, high peaks of the Southern Alps, glaciers, turquoise crystal clear lakes, hot mud pools, geysers and landscapes from “The Lord of The Rings”. Activities range from surfing and skiing or snowboarding to climbing glaciers, bungee jumping, jet boating, playing golf, embarking on wine tasting tours and many more depending on one’s interests and desires. The choice is yours.


One of the last South Pacific frontiers, perfect place if one wants to get off the beaten track. It’s just you, the ocean, dense rainforest and traditional villages with people of intriguing cultures. Paradise for divers, snorklers, trekking lovers; you can trek through jungle paths to find secluded waterfalls, leaf-hut villages, extinct volcanoes and landscapes of natural beauty. Those appreciating comfort can relax in beautiful eco-lodges.


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Another South Pacific paradise made up of dense rainforest, coral reefs, active volcanoes, traditional kastom villages, intriguing ceremonies and smiling people. Diving, surfing and climbing active volcanoes belong to the most popular activities on offer. The traditional bungee jumping, being an initiation ceremony for boys, can be witnessed on one of the islands between April and June.


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Steep rocky trails, rugged sea cliffs, extinct craters, lava tubes, multi coloured coral and other marine life in the shallow waters of lovely lagoons, stunning beaches, hinterland waterfalls and swimming holes these are the island escapes that greet the visitors.


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Is French and Kanak, sophisticated and easy, it has the allure of its French culture, language and food and a spice of its tropical home. Kanak culture is very much alive in more than 300 villages where one can witness traditional customs. The many islands and atolls are gifted with peaks covered in thick rainforest, beautiful long white sand beaches, pristine coral reefs, surrounded by crystal clear turquoise lagoons. Favorite destinations are the Loyalty Islands and Isles of Pines as well as the coastal capital Noumea with its fascinating Tjibaou Cultural Centre designed by Renzo Piano.