Surfing Papua New Guinea

Without any doubts this is one of the ultimate surfing holiday destinations. Consistent waves, warm tropical waters, the company of friendly locals and a guarantee of no crowds. Sound good? Welcome to Papua New Guinea, also known as surfing’s last frontier.

There are notable PNG surf camps located in Vanimo, Kavieng, Wewak and Madang with new surf areas opening in Bougainville and Manus Island. The surf season runs from October through to April with waves ranging from 1 – 10 foot. When surfing in Papua New Guinea you will come across mostly reef breaks, points and the odd beach break. There is a great selection of waves, so take your pick. surfing Papua New Guinea.

We have been organising surf trips to Papua New Guinea since 2009 and are your one-stop shop when planning your next surf adventure to this destination.

Surfing in Papua New Guinea is an experience not to be missed for anyone looking for a unique surf trip off the beaten track!

Sustainable Surf Tourism

Support sustainable tourism and local communities directly when you go surfing in Papua New Guinea. The Surf Management Plan, implemented by the Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea, limits the number of visiting surfers to each region. All communities located within Surf Management Areas receive $15 per surfer per day, which is essentially an access agreement to local breaks between the traditional land custodians, surf tourism operators and visiting surfers.This means on most days you will most likely be sharing a break with just your mates and a few friendly locals.

No Limit Adventures has been a partner of the PNG Surfing Association since 2009.

By going on a PNG surf trip you really make a difference.

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