As a human nature and biology teacher I needed to get away on an adventure through nature, nature in sharp contrast to that of my well-known Danish beech forest. I found what I was looking for with No Limit Adventures. Burning bush and forest areas, fiery red sand, palm-lined white sandy beaches and colorful fish among the corals on the Great Barrier Reef. One of the highlights: the huge rock in the middle of the desert, Uluru, sitting peacefully surrounded by jumping kangaroos and the fierce heat. Back on the coast I loved the 4 days in Surf Camp, learning to surf and partying. Moreover, seeing the famous Sydney Opera House, the backpacker atmosphere in Byron Bay, nightlife in Surfers Paradise and the cozy Esplanade in Cairns all added extra spice to my trip. Best of all was the opportunity to see Cairns from above while taking the plunge from 14,000 feet. A full minute of free fall before the parachute opened and then gently glided to the ground – an adrenaline rush without equal. The whole experience was shared with great guides from No Limit Adventures and happy traveling companions.

Best wishes,

Anders, Denmark