Did the marine conservation volunteer trip in cairns with No Limits. I thought it was too good to be true and it still exceeded my expectations. Cheers to Konrad and Art for all their help on this trip. Amazing !!

Nov 2022

We had the most amazing time with no limit adventures. They went above and beyond on my Hen party and I would highly recommend. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Cat Forde


I just came back from a surf trip in PNG with No Limit Adventure. What a great trip, hands down one of the best experiences of my life. Surfing uncrowned perfect waves is priceless. Thanks Konrad for being such a legend!!🤙
Samuele Piacenza

Australia, 2019

Just got back from a week in PNG with Konrad & no limit adventures. I got to know Konrad on a trip through Australia last year and he raved about PNG so when it was time to plan my next trip I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.One of the best experiences ever! I got scuba certified for this trip and had the best time. I always felt safe in the water and knew the guides were keeping an eye on me. The island is amazing and the staff quickly get to know you & make you feel at ease in no time. I got to spend my mornings diving & seeing things I’d never see back in the States followed up with watching the boys catching waves in the afternoon. The best part is it’s not overcrowded and you never see another boat competing for dive space or waves. Can’t wait to go back next year!
Jennifer Mitchell


No Limit Adventures’ marine conservation program was one of the most transformational experiences of my life and inspired me to keep advocating for the health of our blue planet. Konrad and the crew of Passions of Paradise were knowledgeable and made us feel like family in Australia! I’ll never forget my time there. I highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to take the first dive into becoming a citizen scientist and cares about learning more about our ocean ecosystems and the threats they’re facing today. Thank you!!!

California, 2018

I have surfed a bunch of overseas world class waves and found the service and attention to detail of No Limit Adventures exceptional. Well done Konrad, you looked after everything and everyone!!
Andy Kucks


Jeśli marzysz o magicznym ślubie w tropikach – Karolina i Konrad z No Limit Adventures to profesjonaliści w każdym calu! Zacznijmy od tego, że otrzymaliśmy pomoc na każdym kroku załatwiania formalności związanych ze ślubem, zarówno w Polsce jak i w Australii. Karolina zadbała o każdy szczegół ceremonii, nic nie było dla niej niemożliwe! Dzięki jej empatii i zaangażowaniu czuliśmy ogromny spokój, że ceremonia będzie zgodna z naszymi wyobrażeniami i tak właśnie było. Otrzymaliśmy o wiele więcej pomocy i uwagi niż obejmowała oferta. Całość przeszła nasze najśmielsze oczekiwania, polecam w 1000% !!!

Poland, 2016

Thanks No Limit Adventures for planning an amazing dive trip to see the Minke Whales on a liveaboard in Cairns, Australia and to Papua New Guinea to an eco friendly dive island. If anyone needs guidance and expert advice for travel, I would highly recommend contacting Konrad at No Limit Adventures.

Canada, 2016

I recently took a PNG surf trip to Vanimo Surf Lodge, booked through No Limit Adventures. From the first email, No Limit was fantastic to deal with, providing me with extremely clear details, going the extra mile to ensure all went to plan.
All flights, stopovers and connections went smoothly, Vanimo is a really well run surf lodge, everything well organised and the food fantastic. I’ve been to both Nusa Island Retreat and Tupira Surf Club and Vanimo is easily on par, even better, having cake and donuts baked by lovely kitchen ladies 🙂
Was there for a week and got a great range of waves, always uncrowded in PNG, with breaks to suit differing wind directions. Anyway, all I have is positive praise, which is well deserved.

Melbourne, 2016

I was on No Limit Adventures’ Marine Conservation program “Eye on the Reef” and it was the most fascinating thing I have done so far. I was able to take my Diving certificate and thereafter take part in the great conservation work they are doing on the spectacular Great Barrier Reef. I can highly recommend it to others. It is so interesting and it makes you think a lot about the marine life and how easily it is destroyed. By the way the guys working at No Limit Adventures are the best ever they were our guides in Australia for a month and I simply had the best time of my life and I learned so much.
Amalie Torp

Denmark, 2016

I’ve travelled the world surfing, but No Limit Adventures’ exclusive PNG surf trip last year was by far one of the most unique surf trips of my life. Professionally organised, fantastic location, amazing locals & some of the funnest & most uncrowded waves I’ve ever surfed – great for all levels of surfing. Highly recommended if you’re after something a little different than a normal surf trip, but still want to score some awesome waves.

Byron Bay, 2015

Highly recommended. Konrad and the team organised a awesome trip to Papua New Guinea for my fiancé and I. Well organised, competitively priced and very down to earth family business 🙂 Thanks so much for looking after us, will be telling all of our friends and family!
Stuart Wesierski


My PNG surf trip to Vanimo with No Limit Adventures and crew was incredible. A seamless journey from Cairns had me paddling out into 4ft surf at 2 in the arvo after leaving home earlier that same day! Accommodation was comfortable, staff friendly and helpful, food plentiful and the conditions perfect for most of the trip. Great choice of breaks to suit everyone. Good quality for next to nothing price and so close to home. Locked into my holiday calendar for life. Thanks Konrad and No Limit

Cairns, 2015

Привет NLA!!!
Совсем недавно вернулись из интереснейшей поездки в Папуа Новую Гвинею с NO Limit Adventures. Спасибо Конраду, нашему сопровождающему гиду, за отличную организацию и помощь в решении возникающих вопросов. За 12 дней в ПНГ осмотрели практически весь остров: успели подняться на пик Вильгельма, посетить более 5 местных племен и поселений, побывали на настоящей местной свадьбе, изучили столицу с ее колоритом, порасслаблялись на побережье, порыбачили, с удовольствием поучаствовали в дайвинге…
Отличная насыщенная программа
Спасибо NLA, спасибо Конрад!!


I was on the marine conservation program with No Limit Adventures. It is highly recommendable for all the people out there, who would like to both learn to dive and understand the magnificent Great Barrier Reef. Not only did I get to see the Reef, I also learned a great deal about the factors impacting the reef as well as made fantastic new friends. I had a great time which I will never forget.

Denmark, 2014

I highly recommend the ‘Eye on the Reef Marine Conservation Program’, offered by No Limit Adventures, to anyone who would like to learn to dive or is already a certified diver. This program enables you to dive the beautiful Great Barrier Reef while contributing to an important program that monitors the health of this beautiful reef system. I had a fantastic time and I learnt so much about the marine life and coral of the Great Barrier Reef. Very fulfilling, get involved!
Sally Turner

Australia, 2014

As a human nature and biology teacher I needed to get away on an adventure through nature, nature in sharp contrast to that of my well-known Danish beech forest. I found what I was looking for on a small group tour with No Limit Adventures. Burning bush and forest areas, fiery red sand, palm-lined white sandy beaches and colorful fish among the corals on the Great Barrier Reef. One of the highlights: the huge rock in the middle of the desert, Uluru, sitting peacefully surrounded by jumping kangaroos and the fierce heat. Back on the coast I loved the 4 days in Surf Camp, learning to surf and partying. Moreover, seeing the famous Sydney Opera House, the backpacker atmosphere in Byron Bay, nightlife in Surfers Paradise and the cozy Esplanade in Cairns all added extra spice to my trip. Best of all was the opportunity to see Cairns from above while taking the plunge from 14,000 feet. A full minute of free fall before the parachute opened and then gently glided to the ground – an adrenaline rush without equal. The whole experience was shared with great guides from No Limit Adventures and happy traveling companions.
Best wishes,

Denmark, 2013

I took a trip with No Limit Adventures along the East Coast of Australia and then on a 10-day cultural tour to Papua New Guinea. The whole time was an amazing experience, one I will never forget. Papua New Guinea especially made a lasting impression on me, something I did not expect. Throughout the whole trip our guides went out of their way to help me and other group members with arranging extra activities for us, giving advice on what to do and see and genuinely showing they cared about our well-being and making sure we were having a great time. I made a lot of new friends on my trip and would not hesitate to recommend No Limit Adventures as a reliable tour partner for any travel arrangements and guiding services in this part of the World…
Sean Paul


I’ve travelled with No Limit Adventures on a small group tour to Australia and Papua New Guinea! It was the best trip, the guides made sure that everyone had an awesome time in Oz! The east coast was amazing, the excellent surf, skydiving, bungee jumping, scuba diving and not to forget all the good parties we had during the trip! The two weeks in Papua New Guinea were unreal, we had the most exciting two weeks with hardcore adventure, meeting the locals, extraordinary nature and climbing the biggest mountain! It’s a brilliant way to travel through Australia and make new friends! I would recommend traveling with No Limit Adventures, all their programs and group tours are awesome, and the guides would do absolutely everything for you so that you get a trip you won’t forget! They are the BEST! I definitely had the time of my life, and so many memories I will never forget! So if you are keen to get off the beach and ready for some adventure, wildlife, local culture and not to forget an adrenaline rush book your trip with No Limit Adventures now!!

Denmark, 2011