Universal Shamanism

Universal Shamanism
The 12 Directions Desert of San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Travel with us deep into the Mexican desert to meet the shaman and undertake your profound spiritual journey of healing, self-reflection, self-discovery and new creation through meditation, ceremonies, art work, discussion and sharing.

This shamanic retreat is for the spiritual seeker who is not afraid to step outside of his comfort zone physically, mentally and emotionally, face his limitations and fears, sink deep into his soul only to find his strengths and determination. Creativity and new vision are born and new life begins.

Let’s initiate the journey!

These 12 Toltec mysteries come from the traditions of Mexico and Central America and are based on the more profound levels of the shamanic medicine wheel.  The 12 directions integrate also the traditions of the Incas, Australian Aboriginals and Bon Shamanism (Tibetan Buddhism), as well as reflecting Celtic, Hindu, Japanese and Egyptian myths and legends.  Each number has its own mystery, teaching, practise, and application.  Each day is devoted to one number.

The teachings offer deep journey of the soul through the Universe into the human body and onward after it leaves the body.

They take place in the desert, in the temple at night or under the stars.

April 17th

Arrival in Mexico City. Transfer to your accommodation. Free time

April 18th

Travel by bus to the location of the Centre, approximately 7-8 hour journey. Dinner and getting to know your group.

April 19th

Zero. The unconditional breath. The creative movement. Opening up to the infinite spaces of the desert. (Mayan teachings, North American Shamanism, Kabbalah)

April 20th

One. Element of Air. Unconditional time. Magic of the movement from nothing to something. Planting the seeds in the dream of your life. ( Toltec, Hindu, Buddhism, Australian Aboriginal traditions)

April 21st

Two. Unconditional space. Unconditional movement. Healing through intuitive movement.

(Toltec, Hindu, Buddhism)

April 22nd

Three. The first form. The Star. Discovering the original intent of your soul. Ceremony. Breathing the night sky of the desert. (Toltec, Hindu, Tibetan Buddhism)

April 23rd

Four. The Sun. The element of Fire. The Medicine Wheel. The practice of making your own Medicine Wheel in the desert. Balancing the four elements. (Toltec, Celtic, Egyptian)

April 24th

Five. Multidimensionality. Walking meditations. (Mayan, Toltec, Sufism)

April 25th

Six. The sacred contract, your tribe, your karma. (Australian Aboriginal, Toltec, Buddhism, Hinduism)

April 26th

Seven. Element of Earth. Releasing of cellular memory of physical and emotional wounding. (Toltec)

April 27th

Eight. Colour therapy. Colour as vibration with healing properties. The act of being, healing from not doing. (Toltec)

April 28th

Nine.  Shapeshifting. Connecting with animal guides. Healing from the spirit world. (world shamanic traditions).

April 29th

Ten. Element of Water. Death as transformation. Releasing trapped souls. Practice of letting go. Burial ceremony. (world shamanic traditions)

April 30th

Eleven. The Earth wisdom. The Earth as a conscious living being. The human being as a channel between the earth and the sky. Practices of listening to Earth wisdom. (World shamanism)

May 1st

Twelve. The harmonic vibration. The twelve crystal skulls. The movement of the soul from the body through the Universe. (Toltec, Sunskrit)

End of 2 week option.

Center of Conscious Dreaming

Single Dome

The Walk of Power. The walk of clear intent. The walk to Bernalejo.  This is an ancient Huichol site which represents and embodies the death aspect of the pilgrimage. Pilgrims pass through their death before climbing the sacred mountain where the sun was born – the place of the pilgrim’s re-birth.

May 2nd


The Sacred Mountain. The rebirth.

This is a vision quest during which one reflects on the experiences of the past two weeks and receives intuitive knowledge and information on how to move forward.

May 3rd

The Bridge.

How do we move from the experiences in the desert to our daily lives: work, relationships, home.  A consultation is given before departure.

May 4th

Journey to Teotihuacan.

May 5th, 6th & 7th

Teotihuacan is the Toltec (pre-Aztec) ceremonial city about 30 miles from Mexico City.  It is the most important pyramid site in Mexico linked to Giza in Egypt, and covers over two square miles.  The dreaming of the ancient Toltecs was to understand the connection between the Earth and the other planets in our solar system, and the sun, our star.  Through this knowledge they found the connection of the Earth with the whole universe.  At Teotihuacan we can touch again this dream of unity.  We will be staying in the traditional pre-Aztec calpulli (school) within the Ancient Teotihuacan site. We will be learning the meanings of the ancient dances and taking part in the Dance of the Universe.  We will be learning the theory and practise of the limpia (energy cleansing), and learning about the curative plants and stones of the traditional Mexica. We will be taking part in cave meditation underneath the sacred site and then re-enter through the energetic doorways to the pyramid site.

May 8th



This course can be taken as part of the following ongoing trainings.

The conscious business.

Practical intuitive shamanic training.

The creative fire.

Prices includes all meals, all accommodation in Mexico (including the night before the start date) and Teotihuacan, all entrance fees, seminars, ceremonies and all internal travel to the desert.  It does not include the cost of your flight or your ongoing transport from the desert site (with the 2-week option).  

US$60 dollars of this total is donated to the Wirrikuta plastic recycling project or the San Francisco Nayarit Children’s Shamanic School Project. Both these projects are working and functioning.

 Accommodation is in a Hotel in Mexico City, shared partitioned rooms or dormitory in Teotihuacan, choice of camping, adobe dome or round houses in the desert centre.  Food is through restaurants in Mexico City, in-house Mexican food at Teotihuacan, and a varied diet (organic when possible) at the desert site where there is also a shared kitchen.  Bottled water is available always, and there are showers at Teotihuacan and a bucket shower in the desert.  Toilets in the desert are dry ecological. 

The retreat is given in English and Spanish. Typically, this retreat attracts people from many different countries. Please note that you will be asked to contribute together with basic group service work for about half an hour a day in the desert.

Course facilitators.

Chu-Ra.  Chu-Ra is the main facilitator of this course in the desert. He studied extensively with shamans around the world and received various initiations, in particular the crystalline intelligence. He is a painter, writer and musician and the funder of the Desert Centre. He holds circles around the world and also exhibits his art at various galleries.

El Paco’ Ramirez is a sacred dancer, teacher, and ceremonial leader in the Anahuac tradition. He has devoted his life to the understanding of the traditional teachings in Teotihuacan and is a gatekeeper of the sacred site. He will lead the group into the sacred mysteries of the Calpulli.

There will be other shamans joining for some of the ceremonies in the desert.